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Landscape photography

Until now I've only been writing about street photography, but I want this blog to be more versatile. For example about landscape photography, a genre that I don't enjoy at all...  The most stunning images are usually the result of good planning (perfect light and weather conditions), lots of patience (it could take days to get the shot you want) and waking up very early (sunrise!). I prefer the following method: bring your camera along and exploit any opportunity that presents itself.

This shot was taken during a short stay in  Engelberg / Switzerland, a beautiful and overpiced place. Most people would have considered the weather really bad that day. I mean, in July it shouldn't be raining. From a photography point of view I didn't mind this at all. Strange weather can make a photo very interesting or impressive. This photo would be hard to plan upfront as clouds and visibility were changing every minute.

In constrast to street photography, which is very fast and reactive, a landscape photo gives you more time to decide on your composition. I put the valley in the centre, naturally framed by the clouds on top and the trees on the bottom. This selection is emphasised by the sun shining only in the valley, creating even more contrast and depth. The dead tree on the left creates an extra layer of depth. Cover it with your hand and you'll notice how the image becomes flat and less sparkling. Furthermore, if you follow the cable-cars - from right to left -  your eye travels through these layers of depth. In high resolution you can follow them all the way across the valley.

Summarising, it takes a lot of investments to make a truly great landscape photo (read here). But if you carry your camera along, then don't hesitate to utilise the chances that are given to you.