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Vatican Twirl

This photo was taken last summer in Rome. When posting the article Rome captured in five photos , I didn't realise to have this shot. Otherwise it would definitely have been in! These stairs are part of the Vatican Museum, an amazing place that's a must to visit when in Rome. Honestly, the composition is not quite original. The Internet is full with this kind of 'twirling stairs' images. I personally enjoy the shot most because it was taken handheld with a slow shutter speed of 1/3s. It doesn't happen very often that I hold the camera that steady. The slow shutter speed created the motion blur of the people walking down the stairs.  Would it suck without this dynamic? Most likely.

Rotterdam Streets

Some time ago Willem Jonkers  approached me thru Twitter to join a photographers' collective: Rotterdam Streets . Its mission is to document the cities' people by means of street photography. I decided to give it a go and joined this summer. Check out my profile here . Photos are only published after a review and ranking session by the other members. This system has its pros and cons, but it certainly filters out most of the low quality shots. Unfortunately this also blocked some of my personal favourites ;) With this article I'll share two street photos: one that's being ranked right now and another that was waived off.