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Visit to De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas

Today I visited De Rotterdam , a new and very spectacular building in my hometown Rotterdam... Yeah, they could have chosen a more original name. Rotterdam does like The Smurfs do, everything is named equally. Only we don't live in mushrooms but in fantastic architecture. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get free tickets through National Geographic (give-away to readers). The tour was organised by - surprise surprise -  De Rotterdam Tours  and was actually very interesting. Make sure to book a guide when you're in town. In this post I will share some of today's pictures (inside). But first a photo from my archives to show the exterior. This building is huge. In fact, it's the biggest building in Europe! It consists of three towers: a hotel (left), offices for the municipally (middle) and private apartments (right). Now let's go straight to the top floor of the left tower. As you can see it's still quite empty up there.

Photography is five dimensional

A picture usually doesn't tell the truth. Just as any writer, the photographer is hugely subjective. Even if he/she tries not to be. Why subjective? In primis by pinpointing space and time. You decide to point your camera in a certain direction, don't you? And do you press the shutter randomly? I guessed so! Next by selecting a frame, focal length, aperture, shutter time, etc ... And don't forget the influence of your presence as a photographer. Hence I would say that photography is five dimensional: space (counts as one dimension); time; camera setup (aperture, shutter time, etc); influence of the photographer to its environment; and post processing. Of course the above comes all in handy to create the picture you aim for. There are enough possibilities to influence the result. In fact, a studio photographer meticulously influences the above-mentioned properties. But same counts for a war or street photographer. Pure objective registration doesn't exist in m

Time-lapse from Rotterdam to Rome

It's been a while since I posted on my photography blog. And for a good reason! I needed some time to edit a time-lapse: 1,831 kilometers from Rotterdam to Rome (by car). The video is composed of almost 9,000 photos. I'll never beat that again with another post...  Enough words, here's the video: