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Rotterdam in snow

My goal is to write about actual photos and not about photo gear, but I must praise my Pentax DSLR. Last week we had some terrible winter days and I took the camera out into snowy conditions. The camera got all wet. My iPhone's battery died in the cold, my gloves and pants were soaked ... but the Pentax continued to work like a charm. The battery didn't even lose a single bar despite being switched on for several hours. Now back to sharing pictures! This shot was taken at a passage under a bridge. I stayed there for a while to create the following image. Not many people decided to go out and I really wanted a person in this shot. Waiting eventually payed off and some guy showed up. The lights on the ceiling of the passage point towards the man, just as the snow tracks on the left bottom. Then the shadow of the place nicely contrasts with the rain and snow. I am happy with the result. Snow and water a the Willemsbrug, Rotterdam