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The man with his lunch box

Last Sunday I went for a stroll in the city, the best way to get your mind clear after a busy week. I am lucky to live in Rotterdam, a very photo-friendly place: modern architecture, multicultural, lots of people in the streets and the city hosts the biggest port of Europe. I recommend visiting the city, and so does the NY Times. There's always something to spot with you camera.

After walking around a bit, I stumbled upon this guy. As you can see from the shadows, he was facing the sun directly. I guess he decided to enjoy the weather and didn't mind to position himself like a Rastafari in the middle of the street.

Honestly, it was tough to get this shot. As a photographer you constantly scan the space around you, trying to notice everything that's going on. I felt he was more aware of my presence than I was of his. I bet he even knew what was going on behind him. Unfortunately I needed to get closer to him as I was shooting with a wide-angle lens (this beauty). And since …

Power of black and white

As you will notice over time, most of my shots are converted to black-and-white. Some critics state that a photo should be as unprocessed as possible, a raw documentation of reality. But as noble as that sounds, I don't give a shit. I don't work for a news paper and I prefer to make images that I like. And I like black and white photos with strong contrast. Furthermore, I think each and every photo is biased anyway. The photographer's view is always subjective.

This picture was featured as 'photo of the week' by the Dutch magazine Digifoto Pro, click here to read the article. They stated that black and white in combination with strong lines has always been a strong combination. I can only recon that.

I remember going to the supermarket and bringing my camera along because of the low sun. As you can see, this resulted in lovely shadows. Below another shot that I took on the same location, a lucky shot from the hip.

To not clutter these articles with information abo…

Starting a blog again

Hi there, my name is Vincent and I am an amateur photographer from The Netherlands. With this blog I will share a selection of my photos, just as my vision on the subject. As most amateurs I have a 500px account, recently opened a 1X account and have been experimenting with Pixoto. Somehow I never ended up creating a Flickr account. It just never appealed to me. While skimming through some photo books I concluded that a picture is nice, but a picture with a story is much nicer.

With this first post I will not go into great lengths to introduce myself. I guess it's better to just keep posting regularly to create  something like a 'blog portfolio'. Let's start with a shot that boosted my enthusiasm for photography. I bought a Pentax K-5 in 2011 ( a great camera that I've never replaced). Me and some colleagues - like Camiel - decided to take our cameras out after work. Time to explore the city! The following shot was almost taken accidental. We entered the tunnel an…