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World Pentax Day 2016

Let me first get something out of the way; photography is not about what gear you use but about the significance of the end result: a photo. Among photographers a discussion often ends up in comparing who shoots with what brand and some bragging about the incredible lenses you have in your bag. I try to not get dragged into these useless discussions but often I find myself being guilty as well ...

In any case, I shoot Pentax and am very happy with the brand. Often I visit the Pentax Forum, a great resource of information backed by a very active and supporting community. Once a year the website organises the World Pentax Day:
"During each event, Pentax users have the opportunity to go out and shoot, and then upload their favourite photos to a special collective event gallery. Thus, together, we paint a snapshot of the world through the "eyes" of Pentax cameras!"