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Showing posts from March, 2015

From Rotterdam Centraal to home

Since two months I commute to work by public transport. Yesterday I finally decided to bring my camera along, something I have should done much earlier. While travelling home I snapped some shots. At first wasn't very happy with the results, but some turned out to be quite reasonable. Let's take a look in chronological order. Rotterdam Centraal - Man waiting for train. I started after my arrival at Rotterdam Central station. Light was already dim, forcing me to shoot with high ISO. This man was waiting was his train to arrive. Somehow this photo gives the impression of a lone city. Let me assure you that the train station was crowded! 

Cover of the day on Youpic

Some time ago I joined Youpic , yet another social media platform for photographers. My colleague  Bas Pisa  (also photographer) pointed me to the website. It's a bit of mix between 500px and 1x . I like it. Anyway, each day the honour goes to another photographer to be picked as cover of the day. Today this honour was mine. This resulted in over 120k views within some hours. I've never had such exposure before!