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Rotterdam in black and white

One year ago - when this blog did not yet exist - I created a video compilation of some of my favourite Rotterdam photos by then. I guess it's never too late to share the video ... so here it is! Let me know what yout favourites shots are, then I'll post the stills in a follow up article.    Don't forget to set the video to 1080p ... and oh, enjoy Xmas :)

De Hef

Close to my house there's an old railroad bridge named De Hef . In the 1920s it received a lof of international coverage as it was a technical masterpiece at the time. Unfortunately it has not been in function since 1993, the trains now pass through a tunnel underneath the river. Nevertheless it has always remained a stunning landmark in Rotterdam. Some weeks ago they removed the 'center-piece' of the bridge for maintenance. It's the part that moves up and down to either let a train or boat pass. I love it how the city treats it as a monument. Anyway, let me share some of my favourite photos featuring De Hef. De Hef as seen from street level.