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Discovering India - day 2/2

Over two months ago I visited India and posted the article Discovering India - day 1/2 ... I think it's about time to cover part 2! The day started with a visit to the Kelkar Museum (recommended) after which I wandered around town a bit. Honestly, it felt a bit adventurous walking all alone in such a different world than I am used to. Let me share some of the scenes I encountered.

You can't imagine how crowded the streets in India are. Yet, this old lady was taking a nap in her fruit shop. Totally undisturbed! I love the colors and structures in this shot.

Lady sleeping in her fruit shop (India) - Pentax DA 35mm F2.4

While trying to find my way to some local temple, I asked this man for directions. He was running a pottery shop and didn't mind for his portrait being taken. From his smile you can see that he is posing and I regret not taking the photo before talking to him. Nevertheless I like this shot, mainly due to the soft natural lighting. 

Man in pottery shop (India) - Pentax DA 35mm F2.4
A little but further down the road I spotted this lady waiting at a bus stop (the blue sign I guess). Although on street level it was not always easy to spot, looking upwards you could see this is the old part of town. It's just great to see the patchwork of construction.

Lady waiting for the bus (India) - Pentax DA 35mm F2.4
After some time I ended up in a market. This friendly man without teeth offered me to try some of his leaves. After some hesitation I accepted a leave and start to chew on it. India has a lot of great food, but these raw leaves were disgusting. I thanked him kindly, took his portrait and spit out the leaves around the corners. Blegh!

Leave vendor (India) - Pentax DA 35mm F2.4
Walking around in Pune there's so much to discover, you can't imagine. Around every corner some interesting scene is going on. I can't share all my photos but there's one that I absolutely have to publish here. This man was walking around in some old British market hall. The lighting was perfect, the location great and his white outfit finished the scene.

Man walking in old market hall (India) - Pentax DA 35mm F2.4
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