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Little planet Rotterdam

You all know those cheesy 'little planet' pictures where a touristy place is depicted as a sphere. I decided to give it a try as well. I checked some tutorials on youtube and followed this one. It explains you in several minutes how to create a 'little planet' from one single picture. Et voilà :

Little planet Rotterdam - Harbor and Watertaxi.
It was a cold winterday with a very bright orange/yellow sky after sunset. The original photo was taken from the terrace of Hotel New York, it gives a great panorama view on the city's harbor. That little boat is a Watertaxi, one of the fastest and most fun ways to get around in Rotterdam. Make sure to go for a ride when you're in town!

I took me about one hour in Photoshop to put this picture together. Although I hate the genre ... I am still pretty pleased with this attempt. That's why I've added it also to my shop at It's a great website that allows you to sell / buy photos on canvas. This shot might appeal to some people.


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