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Rotterdam Streets

Some time ago Willem Jonkers approached me thru Twitter to join a photographers' collective: Rotterdam Streets. Its mission is to document the cities' people by means of street photography. I decided to give it a go and joined this summer. Check out my profile here.

Photos are only published after a review and ranking session by the other members. This system has its pros and cons, but it certainly filters out most of the low quality shots. Unfortunately this also blocked some of my personal favourites ;) With this article I'll share two street photos: one that's being ranked right now and another that was waived off.

This photo was almost unanimously voted against. It's fun to read the comments as among the members there are some very different views on photography. I like this photo a lot. The shadows and smoke created by the welding appeals to be. Then there's the contrast between the 'disorganised' scene  and some strong vertical lines. As a bonus there's the cities panorama on the background. Together with the cone in the front, this gives quite some depth to the shot. I like it!

These cyclist are up for voting and I doubt wether the photo will be selected by my peers. Of course I hope it will be! The location of this shot is now being demolished to make place for a more appealing neighbourhood. So I am happy to have documented it. On the background (right) you can discover a part of Unilever's HQ, a beautiful building. It just stopped to rain, making the street look gritty. And I guess that's why the guys are having their hoodies on as well. Motion blur makes the shot dynamic and the eye contact with 'beard-dude' draws the viewer into the scene. For me these ingredients make a nice street photo.

With my next post I'll let you know if this photo got selected or not. In any case, pay a visit to Rotterdam Streets. Lots of great street photography to discover!