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India street shots

I was in the opportunity to visit India again and of course brought my camera along. What a mind blowing place on earth! Last time I shared all my photos in color ... this time I returned to my beloved black and white. Somehow it is just more aesthetic.

One of the remarkable things in India is that most women in the streets cover their face with a scarf. This is not for religious reasons but to get protection from the sun and dirty smog. I wanted to capture this behavior but making photos of strange woman can be a bit tricky in India. Therefor I asked one of my colleagues to model for me and she was happy to do so :) During a 'tea break' we went outside the office and took some shots. Another colleague was smoking and I asked her to hold his cigarette to get this final picture. I never asked anyone to pose before and it was actually quite fun!

Smoking eyes in Pune (India) - Pentax-A 50mm F1.4

This next photo was shot in traffic. Our tuk-tuk got stuck and this Bollywood dude pulled up next to us. I was struggling a bit with the manual focus and was pointing my camera at his face for at least a full minute. It didn't seem to disturb him and he just kept staring at me ... 

Bollywood trafic, Pune (India) - Pentax-A 20mm F2.8
While walking around in one of the oldest markets of Pune, I bumped into this guy. He didn't speak English but somehow I was able to make clear that I wanted to take his portrait. After the first shot I showed him the result ... then he gave me a disturbed expression and I thought I had upset him. Instead he changed his pose and commanded me take another photo: a keeper for sure!

Old man at market in Pune (India) - Pentax-A 50mm F1.4

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