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Rainbow in Italy

With photography you just need to be lucky sometimes. There are many photos you can plan ahead like a sunset over the country side, a shot of the milky-way or whatever ... But some stuff just happens very rarely and cannot be planned upfront. My father calls these events the 'little gifts' in life.

Last summer I received one of these little gifts during our travels in Italy. All day the weather had been horrible and then suddenly the sky opened up and this rainbow unfolded right in front of the medieval town of Trevi in Umbria Italy. I immediately pulled the car over and took a couple of shots. Some minutes later the rainbow was gone.

Rainbow in front of Trevi (Italy) - Pentax-A 100mm F2.8

When such an event occurs you also need to be lucky to have your camera around. But that's of course something you can easily influence and why I wrote the other time that the best camera is the one that you have with you.

That same evening we had quite the spectacular sunset as well. The sun was shining on the clouds like a torch. I never saw anything like it before. This picture was taken from our hotel room. Maybe not as rare as the rainbow .... but I'd say lucky again!!

Sunset over Umbria (Italy) - Pentax-A 28mm F2.8

Some days later I took the following photo while we were driving towards Trevi, the city that was also depicted in the rainbow shot. A classic scenery with an olive tree on the right side. Not special, but I like it.

View on Trevi (Italy) - Pentax-A 50mm F1.4
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