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Cover of the day on Youpic

Some time ago I joined Youpic, yet another social media platform for photographers. My colleague Bas Pisa (also photographer) pointed me to the website. It's a bit of mix between 500px and 1x. I like it. Anyway, each day the honour goes to another photographer to be picked as cover of the day. Today this honour was mine.

This resulted in over 120k views within some hours. I've never had such exposure before! 

All nice and sweet, but what about this picture I hear you wonder. Well, it actually is one of the first shots I took with my current DSLR. In 2011 I bought my Pentax K-5 and shortly after I visited my parents to show it off. They live in the country side and this small toad hopped into the house. I decided to capture it with a cup for setting it free in the garden, but not before taking this shot...

I actually planned to take a photo of this little toad in nature. But then it started to look for an exit. A scene I just had to capture. The cup is made from milky glass, nicely showing the contours of his hands and fading out the silhouette of his body and legs. This makes the photo even more dramatic. So does conversion to black and white. The actual cup is bright yellow ;)