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De Hef

Close to my house there's an old railroad bridge named De Hef. In the 1920s it received a lof of international coverage as it was a technical masterpiece at the time. Unfortunately it has not been in function since 1993, the trains now pass through a tunnel underneath the river. Nevertheless it has always remained a stunning landmark in Rotterdam.

Some weeks ago they removed the 'center-piece' of the bridge for maintenance. It's the part that moves up and down to either let a train or boat pass. I love it how the city treats it as a monument. Anyway, let me share some of my favourite photos featuring De Hef.

De Hef as seen from street level.
Noordereiland Rotterdam with De Hef on the right top.

Some worker walking inside De Hef.
Removing the center piece from the bridge.
Inside De Hef (I am sure this was illegal ...) 

For who is interested to learn more  --> the following documentary from 1928 (!) by Joris Ivens  features De Hef as well. It takes 13 minutes and is worth watching.


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