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The couple that went to Paris

I present you the couple that went to Paris. For me they represent any couple that ever went on a city trip. The situation is very recognisable: she takes her time to skim through the abundance of useless souvenirs and he really doesn't care ...

The couple that wen to Paris - Pentax M 28mm F2.8

This shot was taken down the stairs of the Sacré-Coeur, a major people magnet in the French capital. We just visited the basilica and were ready to head back in to the city. But not before my girlfriend wanted to make use of a public toilet (the funny ones that clean themselves). As the queue was enormous, I had some time to analyse the location.

Then this couple arrived! He sat down and she went for the shops. I knew the picture would only work out if I could frame them without other people. Luckily everything came together: she kept shopping, he didn't move an inch and the queue at the toilet was never ending. After minutes of patience I had my shot.