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Poortgebouw Lady

Today I asked my girlfriend what photo to post on my blog. She made an excellent choice as this is also one of my favourites. The photo was taken in Rotterdam underneath the Poortgebouw, a building with a long and rural history. Early in the 80s the building was being squatted and is now legally occupied by a community of creative people.

The Poortgebouw is very close to my house and I have walked past it many times. It doesn't happen very often that the doors are open. Except for this day! This lady was standing in the doorway and in a reflex I asked if I could take her portrait. She didn't mind at all.
Usually I choose black and white for my street photography as it's very powerful (read here). This time I decided to keep the colors. Guess why ;)

P.S. I tagged this image as street photography. Some purist might disagree with this choice because I had an interaction with the lady before taking the photo. I don't care. It was shot in the public space and emerged spontaneously.


Anonymous said…
every sunday we have food at 19h, always open..
for other events check verenigingpoortgebouw on FB
vvankooten said…
Let me add the url: Poortgebouw FB