September 9, 2014

Time-lapse from Rotterdam to Rome

It's been a while since I posted on my photography blog. And for a good reason! I needed some time to edit a time-lapse: 1,831 kilometers from Rotterdam to Rome (by car). The video is composed of almost 9,000 photos. I'll never beat that again with another post...  Enough words, here's the video:

In case your life is really boring, then try to pause the video and check it frame by frame. There's a lot to discover, especially in Italy. Some technicalities for those who care: 
  1. The photo's were taken with a Liquid Image Ego, a cheap alternative for the GoPro. It's a promising little camera and performs well for its price. Unfortunately its software is extremely buggy and made me lose a lot of footage from the Autobahn in Germany. Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the cam.
  2. The car is a Mini Cooper from 2004 with over 200k of milage. I was a bit worried if it would survive the road trip (don't forget the way back). It held out great and the engine still performs superb. This car is fun to drive! 

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